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The Viva research park was founded in 2015 and became Europe´s largest research facility of its kind. Its main objective is to accurately measure and evaluate the impact of different construction materials to living comfort.

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What we learned from our long-term
research project.

Research shows that 3 important areas must be considered if you want to build a healthy house.

Thermal insulation first:
A good insulation ensures a balanced interior climate and increases the overall living comfort. The uninsulated house needs 2.5 times more energy in comparison to an insulated one. In other words, in an insulated house you need only 40% of the actual energy costs.

Weight counts:
Thick walls serve as an energy regulator. Houses with high-quality breathable insulation and thick walls save energy best and optimise short-term temperature fluctuations. The internal temperature will not be affected in winter or summer.

Interior values count:
Klima interior plasters with 20mm thickness make a significant contribution to regulating air humidity of interior walls and reduce the development of health-damaging organisms. People feel most comfortable with air humidity ranging between 40% - 60%.